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  • Features No comments so-so
  • Display The gloss annoys me sometimes. good
  • Battery life I frequently travel for 20H + flights good
  • Ease of use I am used to android phone so to having to go to settings to modify anything (i.e. brightness or any app settings) instead of having a menu button is annoying good
  • Storage capacity The 64GB is too expensive and the apps takes so much space. good
  • Design and form factor The smart cover annoys me. It always fall when I use it as a stand. A thinner screen bezel would make it look better good
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments good
  • Durability Breaks easily. so-so
Detailed review
- Good battery life
- Nice screen
- Nice collection of apps

- Can't play mkv 1080p videos (720p lags from time to time) unlike my phone which does (sgs2).
- The browser fails to display many websites properly (again Android does better in this case)

I have a galaxy S II and compared to android, iOS is very limited. I can't upload files to dropbox from within the aps, No file manager and Apps can't interact.

Also, I though that iOS doesn't lag but guess what, sometimes the all apps stop working and I have to restart my iPad for things to go back working. My iPad is NOT jail broken.

I still need to use my laptop as my primary device since the iPad doesn't do a very good job as a laptop replacement.
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Honest, unbiased review which is refreshing. The fact that yours and my comments have been removed from some reviews sums up completely the problem that the neutral faces on distinguishing the FACT from FANBOY which is a great shame, especially on a site like this...