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I originally thought of the iPad as a kind of novelty; a neat toy for someone who can afford to have a frivolous third (or fourth) device between a smartphone and a laptop, with a Kindle thrown in for good measure. Nifty, but unnecessary. And probably not that useful, overall. I changed my tune when I better understood where an iPad really does fit into the life of someone who already fills his or her day with computer gadgets. Allow me to greatly generalize with enormously broad strokes.

The PC (meaning your Mac or Windows machine, laptop or desktop) is your headquarters, where you must do your intensive work, likely for your job. A PC is for the times you must be at a PC. (I know that this is an obvious and seemingly redundant statement, but bear with me.) The smartphone is a talisman of freedom, your remote access to computing, be it for work or day-to-day life. Though it, like a PC, can be used for fun, its existence is justified by its necessity. A smartphone is for when you must have a smartphone. (I promise this will make sense.)

The tablet, the iPad, however, is quite different. Maybe it's the touch interface on a wide plane, maybe it's a shape reminiscent of a magazine, and maybe it's because of all it can't do as much as what it can. Whatever the reason, the iPad is something you choose to use. (I'm generalizing, as I said. Obviously many professions now require their use, but we're talking about the mainstream computer-using consumer.) At the moment you're using your iPad, you don't need to be at your "truck," your workhorse machine. You don't need to be accessing highly-specific bits of data while in transit or away from the PC. You're using the iPad because, at that moment, you want to. The iPad is your escape from those devices of requirement. It is the zen device. The iPad is for when you don't need to be using anything else, including an iPad.

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