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  • Features for an iPad this has all the expected features plus 2 speakers. good
  • Display the display is OK but after getting used to the Retinal you will notice this one just isn't as good. so-so
  • Battery life surprisingly good and better than i expected. got full days usage with out having to charge it. good
  • Ease of use iOS is by far the easiest mobile operating system on the market today. great!
  • Storage capacity 3 size, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. good
  • Design and form factor a solid and light device. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) incredibly light and thin. i would like to have seen a narrower display though. good
  • Durability No comments great!
Detailed review
this device is incredibly thin and light but it still feels solid in your hands. the 1st time you pick it up it will surprise just how light and solid it feels. The build feel and quality on this device is down right amazing.

The display is an “HD” display coming in at 1024-by-768 resolution at 163 pixels per inch (ppi)and its not a bad display but after using an iPhone with a Retina display, then an iPad with one you can’t help but notice thats its just OK. its not great or awesome like you have grown to expect from Apple and their displays.

I have been surprised at how much battery life it has. with average use and streaming music (withe the display off) i have easily gone a full normal day on this device. i did notice though it gets warm when you are charging it around the back of he device around where the connector is.

the iPad Mini does not look, or feel like a cheaper version of an iPad or knock off of some device the competitor has out there. i have the all black model and it looks good. i will warn you though that rear panel sucks the oil right out of you fingers. you can’t help but notice the smudges and finger prints you are leaving on the back of the device.

Software wise its Running Apple’s iOS operating system which is one of the easiest to use if not the easiest to use. the Apple ecosystem is second to non in regards to digital media. You will easily find books, movies, music and applications to have on your device. The mini support most of the features in iOS 6. Things like FaceTime, a 5MP camera, and Siri.

Over all its everything you have come to expect in an iPad with the one exception of the Retina display. I think the lack of a Retina display is a huge step back from Apple on this device. Its light and thin and easy to cary around with you and the screen is large enough to take advantage of it. its easy to hold while reading in bed. The prices starting at $329 do seem a little high to me when comparing it to other device of similar size and functions. I will say that at no time do you feel like you have a cheap tablet.

Is this something i would recommend or even buy for friends and family? Yes especially if they have a 2nd Gen iPad or this is their 1st iPad. I think its only real short coming is the display. Now for those that have a Retina device i would suggest waiting till the next version of the device is released which i am willing to bet will have a Retina display.