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  • Features has all the features i need at the moment. good
  • Display The display isnt good
  • Battery life 10 hours of wifi use 6- hours on 3g great!
  • Ease of use its ios nothing could be easier to use great!
  • Storage capacity cant complain good
  • Design and form factor very eye catching great!
  • Portability (size / weight) fits in most of my pockets great!
  • Durability its good but not great good
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This is the tablet I wanted, couldn't be happier.
I usually get 10hrs of wifi use and about 7 hrs on 3g. This is really good because I use my mini constantly for streaming media,apps,music and various things I look up. i only have to charge the tablet once a day. charging times are around 4hrs which isn't bad an doesn't effect me because I usually charge it over night. The screan is not bad, I have 20/15 vision and the quality doesn't bother me. I use siri to set location based reminders, look up sport's scores and have her remind me of various task I need to accomplish.
processor: Not bad but I do tax the tablet and a couple of times ive seen the thing hiccup, but that has more to do with my demanding use on the tablet. I think when the next generation mini gets the chipset from the iphone 5 the mini will be better suited for my needs.
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