August 31st 2009 1:46 am

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Even if you're not getting an iPhone 3G, original iPhone owners and iPod Touch owners are getting a significant upgrade in functionality for a free (or nominal) price. In fact, if you don't need the faster speeds or slightly better location services that GPS brings, you're fine with sticking with the first gen. If you're still getting a new iPhone, you're getting a fantastic OS upgrade along with it. quote

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Engadget Jul 11, 2008

The iPhone 3G and the second release of mobile OS X have given the device numerous useful new features while keeping in line with expectations that they not slow down the experience, nor overwhelm new or experienced users.

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Gizmodo Jul 11, 2008

Is iPhone 2.0 so good that you don't even need to upgrade to an iPhone 3G? It depends. But if I was forced to choose between an iPhone 3G barren of apps and the slower original with them, I'd go for the apps.

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Macworld Jul 15, 2008

The iPhone 2.0 software is full of the kind of refinements that you’d expect from a second-generation Apple product. The iPhone OS still isn’t perfect, and we wish Apple has addressed some lingering shortcomings, but it’s a welcome step-up for ... the best mobile platform on the market.

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PC Mag Jul 11, 2008

The iPhone 3G has changed the way Americans think of smartphones. It's not really about hardware anymore, and it's not even about being a phone. It's about apps, and the 50,000 ways you can customize your iPhone to do your bidding.

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CNET Jul 11, 2008

The iPhone 2.0 software update provides Exchange server support, third-party apps support, and many new features without the added cost.

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migo migo

As far as features go, iOS 2 was my favourite version. It was just there to launch apps and otherwise stayed out of the way. If it were still well supported I'd be sticking on it, but as the software support now is pretty bad it's hard to recommend. After all, if pretty much all it does is serve...

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