by Johnross1968

How do I use an old iPhone without a smartphone contract ?
I currently have a cellphone but I do not really use it that much. I usually talk for less than 2 hours a month on it and send a few texts on it as well. The phone I have now does what it is supposed to do, make phone calls and send texts, but I would like to be able to use a few apps as well. I was thinking about buying an iPod touch but do not like the idea of having to carry 2 different devices. So I was thinking about buying an old, used iPhone and setting it up on a prepaid plan So here are... Read more →

by Hans6119

iPhone 5 or Playstation Vita?
In February 2013, I'm up for upgrade on Verizon. I currently have an iPhone 4. I'm going to get an iPhone 5 if I do upgrade, but I actually also want a Playstation Vita. If I do buy a Vita next month, I won't upgrade my iPhone until December 2013. I really like the idea of gaming on the go with physical controls, and I really like the game selection. They are both in the same general price range. What do you think? iPhone upgrade now and Vita never, or Vita now and iPhone upgrade in Christmas...

by geneyus

How well does the iPhone 4 work when upgraded to iOS 6?
From previous experience, Apple products are only good for one major upgrade before there is a serious decrees in performance. Although the documentation says that the older hardware is compatible with the new OS'... Compatible, yes; willing run, yes; will it run WELL, not really. I've been reading articles on the iP4's performance under iOS 6, and the tests indicated that it does so satisfactorily. I would however want feedback from people here who have done the upgrade on the venerable iP4.

by urbancorn

iPhone 5 or HTC One X+
(All on ATT):: In June I sold off my iPhone 4 and went to the HTC One X. I have an extra upgrade on my account and I have a buyer for the One X, so the question is this: do I stay in the HTC vein and get the One X+ or jump for the iPhone 5?
I do miss iMessage and AirPlay. All of my friends have iOS, so FaceTime is a standard. I have all the apps I need for both iOS and Android so I am not torn by ecosystem.
The things I am concerned about giving up from Android: everything I have is google... Read more →

by gomer43

Has anyone used Nike+ Running iOS app on a treadmill?
I live in New England and Winter is coming. (Thanks Ned Stark.) I plan to start running at a gym, and I like the Nike+ Running app on iOS. Nike says to hold your iPhone in your hand as you run to use the accelerometer, but I would prefer to use the device on an armband. Since my arm moves while I run, does anyone know if this would be accurate enough? Has anyone tried this?

by bradtastic

I'm an iPad/iPhone only blogger looking to switch from Squarespace to… something. Suggestions?
My problem with Squarespace is that it requires a desktop browser for full functionality and I'm iOS only. The Squarespace app is decent, but I can't add pages or manage them from it. Also, there's no way to rearrange objects or tweak the theme in Safari for iOS. I want more functionality, ease of use, and editing power because I like posting art and supplemental information at my site, http://saysbrad.com — currently using Blogsy for updates. Looking at WordPress primarily, but maybe there's...

by M3GSO

Should I Stay (With Windows Phone) or should I Go (Back to Android)?
I'm a very simple person, Give me lots of memory(preferably expandable) and a huge screen. Simple right?
I have a Lumia 900, and I love what it does, and I love it for what it isn't, an iPhone or an Android phone. The 920 seems to be the Best Windows available from launch day, but with only a 4.5-inch HD display, and 32GB sealed with no expansion. This doesn't seem that much different from my 900; except the obvious WP8, camera, etc...
Sounds like Android is becoming more, and more what I want in... Read more →

by AdamWillis

Other than changing carriers, what reason should I unlock my iPhone?
I'm past my 2 year contract on my iPhone 4 and I'll probably buy the 5 after it's released but if I ask AT&T to unlocked my phone, would I be getting any benefit from it?

I know unlocking isn't the same as jailbreaking so is unlocking just allowing me to use a different SIM?

by geneyus

How well do you think iOS 6 will run on an iPhone 4?
From experience with Apple products, both Mac & iOS devices, you're only good for one major OS upgrade (Whole number version upgrade for iOS, +0.1 upgrade for Mac OSX). Although the specs state that it will be compatible for an older device (2 generations back), I've seen these old devices run like molasses after the 2nd upgrade!
I tried running iOS 4.0 on an iPhone 3G (came with iPhone OS 2) which didn't go well, necessitating a downgrade. Also Leopard on a PowerBook, (came with Panther),... Read more →

by spencersumner

HTC One S or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?
My iPhone 4 needs to be replaced. I tried to accomplish the task with a Lumia 800, but as you can read in my review, it didn't go as hoped. Since I am a Telus employee/customer the contenders for my next device include: the HTC One S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
As I see it the strengths of the HTC are the camera and the build quality, but it falls short in the qHD PenTile display, and Sense 4 (even if it is greatly improved).
The Galaxy Nexus has the 720p display, and stock Android. The build... Read more →

by mike

Best iOS music apps to use in a car?
I like to mount my iPhone on my dashboard when I drive. Between my iTunes library and Spotify it's an infinitely better experience than what's offered on the radio. Problem is the UI for these apps is small and not well-suited to using while driving. I'd love to find an app that has nice big chunky buttons that are as intuitive as those on your car's stereo. Anyone have any recommendations?

by ryan

Hacks / workarounds for Sparrow on iPhone's lack of push email support?
For the last fifteen years I've been something of an email client aficionado, and in the last few months I've become a huge fan of Sparrow. I don't change email clients often, and my expectations are really high. I have been eagerly anticipating Sparrow for iOS for months. It launched tonight, and it was well worth the wait -- except for one kind of major, potentially deal-breaking thing.
As you may have heard, and as I suspected might be the case, push support wasn't included. It's a sucky... Read more →