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Detailed review
This is what I think is one of the best iPhones, but it does have some flaws, like all of the gaps between all of the antennae, which if you hold the iPhone 4 like you would any other phone, the signal drops (significantly on some, and not by much on others). It is perfect when paired with iOS 4 - so much RAM to run most if not all apps WITHOUT CRASHING!! over 200MB RAM (at least I think it is MB) The front facing camera is quite useful, but facetime... that is different - iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, not that useful, as i doubt that all of your friends have iPhone 4s, so not many people to facetime, and THE NUMBER TO CALL TO FACETIME AN APPLE EMPLOYEE DOESN'T WORK IN THE UK, so that is no use to me!!
Anyway... a 5mp camera and flash is such an improvement - really nice photos, so crisp!!
Overall... a great phone, but just one flaw. allbeit a very major one with the signal!