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  • Reception and call quality Did have some issues in low reception areas, call drops and No Service. Hard to use as a phone in those cases. poor
  • Display I can't even start to describe how crisp Retina Display looks. great!
  • Battery life Better than iPhone 3GS. Just make sure you're connected to a charger when you're using Personal Hotspot. so-so
  • Camera It has one of the best camera qualities in its class, marred a little heavily by green stain when you shoot under fluorescent light. good
  • Ease of use This is iOS we're talking about, right? great!
  • Design and form factor While grip leaves a bit to be desired, the industrial design and how it feels in your hand is at the pinnacle of Apple's design. good
  • Portability (size / weight) It's pretty slim, and weight is about right, not to feel too heavy, but it feels existential. great!
  • Media support Third-party app workarounds are doing its heavy work, but natively, it's rubbish as usual. Unless you invested huge chunk of money onto iTunes. poor
  • Durability Glass is quite susceptible to scratches, and cracks. so-so
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) It's iPhone. great!
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