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by frankspin

How much does audio quality matter when buying music?
In a recent conversation via Twitter I came across the site mp3ornot.com which uses an A/B test to see if you can find the difference in the files. It's an interesting test to take and see if you can actually notice the difference; mind you it's still not the best since they're not local files and sources may vary.
It did get me to thinking about music quality and perhaps some peoples obsession with having the best quality when they may not even notice. If you're... Read more →

by dave

Do you make music using a mobile device? If so, share it!
Both Android and iOS devices have a ton of music creation apps. It's something I'm really interested in (though I completely suck at it, myself). Have you made any music exclusively on your mobile device? If so, share the details below!

This is sort of cheating, but here is my auto-tuned song called "It's Monday," created using "Songify" by Smule.


I'll have to dig through my collection and see if there are other random songs.

by JasonTsay

My Year with Android
I’m coming up on a year of living with an Android phone, so I thought now might be a nice time to post some thoughts about it.
A year ago, I was using an iPhone 4, which I had seen though iOS 4, 5, and 6. I was on the route to getting a used 4S, and then Google came along and announced the Nexus 4 – a pretty well specced, stock Android phone for $350 unlocked (16GB). I’ll admit, although I liked what I was seeing in terms of Android evolution at the time, I was pretty deeply invested in... Read more →

by frankspin

Moving from Android to iOS is not as bad as you think
As a previous Android user I often saw a lot of Android users exclaim about how coming to Android was such a liberating experience from the grasp of Apple's walled garden. For the last few years I believed this, but over time I started to open up to what Apple and iOS have to offer. After moving to the iPhone 5s this past September I can comfortably say making the move is not nearly as bad as it's made out to be, and to be honest it's been nice to not have the freedom that Android provides.
... Read more →

by dave

How much space does iMessage data occupy on your Apple device?
While chatting with a fellow coworker yesterday, he mentioned that he was perplexed on why the storage space on his iPhone 5 seemed to inexplicably disappear. After examining the storage options (which can be accessed by going to Settings → General → Usage → Storage), he found a significant chunk of data being taken up by the iMessage app. Almost two gigabytes of data!
I took a look at my own usage and discovered something equally crazy.
Almost 5GB of space on... Read more →

by frankspin

Are the iOS 7 animations causing motion sickness?
The Verge ran across an Apple support thread about a number of users complaining of headaches and nausea from the increase in animations for iOS 7. A number of users are chiming in to say they too are having issues from the new animations. The single biggest request is the ability to turn them off, or potentially speed them up.
I have to agree that the animations are a bit long in the tooth and they can be a bit excessive with the zoom-in and zoom-out affect.
If you upgraded to iOS 7 have you been... Read more →

by dave

What does Apple need to do tomorrow for the iPhone 5S announcement?
"The iPhone 5 keynote last year was so dull..."
"Ho hum, new colors rumored for this iPhone 5C..."
"iOS 7 looks like a Fisher Price toy..."
"Apple Maps are still borked!"
We've heard variations of the above comments over and over, but it's almost time. Tomorrow, Apple will finally unveil their new iPhone(s) and iOS 7!
A lot has happened since the iPhone 5 announcement last year. Samsung has continued to dominate sales of... Read more →

by peterpat

I need some feedback on two apps! The project is for a good cause!
I have a feeling these two apps can change the lives of many people. My goal is to eventually make free versions of the apps, but for now I need to find a way to market them just enough to update them and revamp the website. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to check out this video for more information. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5kr_xzgHGQ

by dave

What are your favorite gadgets right now?
It's been awhile! Let's talk about your favorite gadgets that you're using right now. Here's my list -- it's not necessarily the latest and greatest, but this is what helps me get through the day.
1. iPhone 5 - Yeah, yeah. A new edition is coming out soon with a new coat of paint and an oil change. But this thing is critical for me being connected each day. I'm sure if I was using a different phone, it'd also be at the top of this list.... Read more →

by day4bananafish

Apple's iOS 7 is finally here and it's different, how do you feel about it?
Apple has finally announced iOS 7 at WWDC today and it's certainly a stark change from the previous 6 versions. It's cleaner, flatter, and more colorful from the lock screen to the notifications menu. However, the changes are more than skin deep; iOS 7 is modernizing functionality as well.
The Look
The new iOS is flatter. Somewhere between Jelly Bean and Windows Phone, iOS has done away with skeuomorphism completely in favor of flat... Read more →

by frankspin

What are your WWDC 2013 Predictions
WWDC is just hours away, and there has been no shortage of rumors about what Apple has planned, especially for iOS. It seems like ever since the news broke about Scott Forstall leaving the company (1) and Jony Ive stepping in, there have been expectations of a major iOS redesign. This became even more clear when Apple updated their podcast app on iOS to a much more modern design (2). As the weeks and days have gone on more mockups and rumors kept swirling about a redesign, with even this years... Read more →

by marc

When is the "best" smartphone not the best choice?
We just scored the Samsung Galaxy S4, a smartphone that critics are calling "one of the best phones you can buy," and "the best Android phone on the market right now." And, as befits a phone with such accolades, we gave the S4 a gdgt Score of 92, and awarded it a Must-have badge, as we had done with its predecessor, the Galaxy S III.
However, we could have gone the other way, and withheld the Must-have status. The fact is, as many critics... Read more →

by frankspin

T-Mobile introduces contract-free plans, but will you switch?
T-Mobile is finally introducing their new contract-free plans. Under these plans, the cost of the device would be factored into your bill over 24 months. So, if we use the just-announced T-Mobile iPhone 5 (http://www.engadget.com/2013/03/26/t-mobile-iphon... as an example, T-Mobile is asking you to put down $99 and then pay $20/month over 24 months, which brings your total cost for the device to $579. Additionally, after the phone is paid off you get the bonus of a cheaper bill!
Now as far as the... Read more →

by KAsante

Burst Mode Alternatives anyone?
Hey Guys;
I'm an iPhone 5 owner but my eyes are always wandering. Just test-drove the New Blackberry Z10 and although the phone really doesn't compete with the iPhone I did find myself intrigued by the phones "burst mode" feature. The best thing about iPhone of course is that there are apps out there that extend the functionality of almost every feature.
I was wondering if anyone had come across an app for iPhone that serves as a good alternative to Blackberrys Burst Mode.
And to open the... Read more →

by efibarra

iPhone Boredom
I've been the owner of every iPhone but the first one but I've reached a point where I'm extremely bored with it. This happened shortly after my iPhone 5 purchase. Although this is the best and most beautiful iPhone ever, I suddenly found myself yearning for something different. I made a rash decision and returned my iPhone 5 for an S3 only to run right back to my iPhone 5. I hated the Samsung apps and Touchwiz in general. Plus I felt a certain incompatibility to my spouse, family & friend's... Read more →