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  • Reception and call quality 5ghz N is a lifesaver for congested networks. Call Quality seems solid (rural area / ATT). good
  • Display would have preferred another .5" but can't complain. Hopefully developers will keep away from the notification area at the top. great!
  • Battery life Much better than my iPhone 4. Will need to see how it holds up under heavy GPS/biking/podcast playback. great!
  • Camera Still need better low-light performance/bigger sensors, but is is much much better than my 4. Finally kissing the point-and-shoot goodbye. good
  • Ease of use Same great software. Slim design feels good in hand. Top row can be difficult to reach one-handed, but using Siri solves a great deal of fumbling in-car. great!
  • Design and form factor not an important factor to me. Shiny like all smartphones. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Weight is deceptive. I think it will actually feel better once it's in a case. Spooky how well these batteries can do in such a lightweight device. good
  • Media support No Flash. Sorry, old complaint but still a huge problem until mom-and-pop developers stop designing with it. Many websites completely unreachable. good
  • Durability Remains to be seen, handling with kid-gloves until case arrives. so-so
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Best there is. iCloud churned out most of my settings with very little effort. great!
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Curious to hear more about the weight. I've been reading that it almost feels like a hollowed-out iPhone 4/4S. I personally love the weighty, premium feel of that phone. Would you consider the 5's lighter weight to be a hindrance?