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  • Reception and call quality Call quality is superior only gets down by Spotty LTE from AT&T. Great speeds on Verizon though. good
  • Display A great display made more greater by adding full RGB spectrum. great!
  • Battery life You can't ask more battery backup from a real 4G phone(LTE). great!
  • Camera Amazing low light performance in a extremely thin package. Definitely a superior camrea than iPhone 4s. great!
  • Ease of use iPhone's have been always very easy to use. In fact this has been one of the greatest motivator for buyers. great!
  • Design and form factor You can call this an elongated iPhone 4/4s and it is truly is. With all the new screens around, I would've loved a little more width. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Lighter than 4s thinner and you really need to hold this phone to understand this. great!
  • Media support One issue I am particular about is media management on Iphone. Its 2012 please get rid of itunes. good
  • Durability Metal unibody construction in a lighter package. Definitely strong and durable. great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) IOS defined ecosystems. Maps is a big let down. Mind you they are very usable and really awesome for version 1.0. good
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Its a beautiful piece of technology. A cellphone is one of the most (ab)used gadgets. I needs to be easy to use and durable. No one in the market has a better way of designing and building a product like iPhone. iPhone 5 is durable, beautiful and like every other iPhone easy to use. Its a must buy for anyone with iPhone 4 or older.
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