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Detailed review
If you need a fancy video or gaming device, this is definitely not the gadget for you. But as an avid listener of podcasts and music, this is the perfect device for me.

+ Excellent podcasting support on iTunes and on the iPod itself
+ Audiobooks work excellently; the chapter markers and "bookmarks" have never failed me
+ Very sturdy hardware. I'm clumsy with my iPod, but it has never broken on me. I had to take the 5G iPod to Apple to be fixed six times in my two years of owning it. This one is a vast improvement
+ Handles video quite well, although I only use it for video podcasts and TV shows.
+ Folders for playlists. If you make playlists obsessively like me, the classic now allows you to organize your playlists in folders, unlike the previous iPods.
+ Seemless synchronization of ratings and on-the-go playlists with iTunes..
+ A wide variety of speakers are available for the iPod, and many of them are excellent.

- Cover Flow is buggy and slow.
- Audiobooks are only shown in one list; there is no organization capabilities available. For example, if I have twelve speeches and three books, they'll all appear in the same list; I cannot separate them into albums/folders called "speeches" and "books" as I would want to.
- The back is scratched very easily, and the screen is not impenetrable either. I recommend buying an invisible shield and installing it on the iPod as soon as you take it out of the box.