September 1st 2010 1:25 pm

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by peter

My theory on why Apple changed the design of the iPod nano - to make room for a watch-like wearable device
If you look back it hasn't taken much for Apple to change the design of iPod nano -- it's taken on many different form-factors over the years -- but I have a hunch that Apple had a specific reason for turning away from the design of the last generation.
This is just a theory, but I suspect it could be that they intend to introduce some sort of watch-like wearable device next year, one that would sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (presumably over Bluetooth 4.0) and act as a secondary... Read more →

by roberto

Has Apple killed the Nano Watch?
With the introduction of the 7th generation Nano ( Apple has done away with its small, square predecessor, which had (literally) kickstarted a third-party market of watch bands designed for people who wanted to wear their Nano as a watch. Here is one example:
Now that a new Nano has returned to a form factor reminiscent of earlier generations, these third... Read more →

by dave

A more, err, natural iPod nano wristband
So, I've been pretty bad a predicting technology fads. For example, this gem from 2010:

Hey! Who knew that these iPod nano wristbands would catch on?!

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Check out the "iDermal." Oh, wow.

Crazy? Ridiculous? Weird? Useful? Do I kind of want it?

(Mostly) Yes * 5.

by JasonTsay

Best watchband accessory for iPod Nano?
There's a pretty good selection of watchband accessories on the market now that Apple is officially behind the whole "iWatch" idea.
I've currently got the Blackout LunaTik and HEX Vision Metal watchbands for my iPod Nano and I'd have to say the LunaTik is still by far my favorite. The aluminum frame is very precisely cut to fit the Nano and the watchband is pretty comfortable albeit a bit wide. The HEX Vision Metal is a nice metal watchband if you're looking for something that's as thin as... Read more →

by kris

Apple restricting giveaways of their products
CNN is reporting that Apple is starting to enforce its "Guidelines for Third Party Promotions," which state how companies are allowed to conduct promotions such as free giveaways. Some of these "guidelines" include: * iPad, iPhone and the iPhone Gift Card may not be used in third-party promotions. * The use of "free" as a modifier in any Apple product reference in a prominent manner (headlines, callouts, etc.) is prohibited. * You must submit all marketing materials related to the promotion of... Read more →