September 1st 2010 1:25 pm

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Worth the upgrade if you've owned a nano for a while


Ultimately, if you've had the same iPod nano for a few years, this new device will make you feel like you need a replacement. While there isn't a slew of fresh additions (in fact, there are notable subtractions), this re-think about what the nano is supposed to be feels right. It's still not your cheapest option if you're looking for basic music playback, but something tells us that if you're looking at the nano, you're living in Apple's ecosystem, and that makes this a pretty attractive choice. We ultimately would like to see the capacity grow a bit, and for the prices to drop, but otherwise, the new nano is a smart, fast, capable player that should please a lot of people this holiday season.

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Engadget Sep 7, 2012

We ultimately would like to see the capacities on these guys grow a bit, and those prices drop, but there's no sticker shock here. The new nano is a smart, fast, capable player that should please a lot of people looking for something new this holiday season.

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TechCrunch Sep 7, 2010

The removal of the camera itself will disappoint some people, but it was always a bit odd anyway as it only recorded video and not still images. I think the new size and touch screen in exchange for the video capabilities is a good tradeoff.

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Ars Technica Sep 10, 2010

Kids and teenagers might still appreciate the nano for what it is—a small and relatively cheap device that looks cool and works well with iTunes on the computer. But does the nano have enough features to make it interesting compared to, say, an iPod touch?

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PC Mag Mar 18, 2012

Apple's first misstep in the iPod nano line-up, the sixth-generation model trades its predecessor's click wheel for touch-screen controls and an ultracompact form factor with a much smaller display. There's no more video capture and playback capability, but it retains the same price.

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Pocket-Lint Sep 22, 2010

The new Apple iPod nano is a funky little MP3 player and the touch interface works really well. The problem, of course, is that you now have to either buy yourself an extra set of headphones, or lose the ability to change tracks without fishing the device out of your pocket.

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iLounge Oct 6, 2011

The heart of this product’s a good one—it’s just the rough interface edges and limited feature set that need some additional work.

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TechRadar Sep 16, 2010

As it stands, the new nano performs wonderfully as a device purely for listening to audio, provided you invest in some new headphones, but it feels unnecessarily limited in other areas.

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I had 2 of these, they were both replacements of the first iPod Nano, the first one had a faulty battery and the other worked, when I had it it was good but I never used it, the capacity was good compared to the shuffle but I wasn't interested in seeing the album cover and having a tiny touch...

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DeanRedding DeanRedding

In my opinion, this is best iPod that Apple has released, while it lacks features like video, this small "Music Player" does exactly what is expected. The touch interface is comparative to the iPhone.

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Rbouchard Rbouchard

Qmy kids gave me a Nano for Christmas. After having a first gen IPod classic for years, I was pleasantly surprised with the interface, sound and size. Mi use it for daily walks and runs with Nike+ . As with most folks, I hate the earbuds and replaced them with Klipsh.

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