September 1st 2010 1:25 pm

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  • Sound quality Sound quality is good, about where I'd expect most MP3 players to be at these days. More important to have good headphones and high-quality audio files. good
  • Video quality No comments
  • Ease of use It's certainly not at all hard to use, and the swipe-to-go-back gesture is clever, but I do miss the clickwheel from previous models of iPod nano. so-so
  • Portability Very light (obviously) and easy to clip to a bag or a jacket. Probably very easy to lose, as well! great!
  • Battery life Battery life has been pretty great so far. After the first few days of light use, it wasn't even close to empty (as it shuts down between uses to save power). good
  • Media support Would like to see support for video, as well as additional lossless audio formats (like FLAC). so-so
  • Capacity For how I use this iPod, 8GB is plenty of storage. If you feel like you need to carry around every audiobook you own, then grab the 16GB model. good
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I'm a little disappointed that Apple removed a few key features from this new nano, such as video playback and recording. After all, the screen may be on the small side, but the last generation's screen wasn't significantly better. I also can't imagine why Apple would have removed the calendar and address book as well, but they are certainly known for keeping a tightly pruned feature set in their products.

Overall, in many ways this really feels more like a souped-up shuffle than a next-gen nano -- but it's still a very nice device for someone who's looking for a sleek and portable MP3 player. In fact, as far as media players with screens, this is likely the smallest device on the market today.

Some people (myself included) may miss the tactility of buttons or the scrollwheel to advance through playlists, but other cool features like VoiceOver, the clip, and the inline remote (on most Apple headphones sold separately, but not on those included) help to ease the pain.
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As much as I love Apple's products, to my belief it's a company policy or strategy to always leave customers "Feature Hungry" on every new product release. Well... seems to work! Thanks for the review Veronica!

Cool. Did you get a watch accessory bracelet for it yet?

No, but I definitely want one!