September 1st 2010 1:25 pm

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  • Sound quality Crystal clear with punchy base, really good for a device this small. Amazing with EarPods. good
  • Video quality No comments
  • Ease of use It's super easy to use. great!
  • Portability This is the most portable full-featured music player. Even more portable than the 7th nano. great!
  • Battery life If you turn on the screen often to change your song, the battery life is shortened a lot. But still very decent for such a small device. good
  • Media support Nothing much to say. I wish iPods supported FLAC music files. good
  • Capacity 8GB. Plenty! good
Detailed review
The most important thing to consider before purchasing the 6th generation iPod nano is that it is targeted at people who do not have smartphones. It is not a companion device for a smartphone. It is only meaningful for people without smartphones or those people who have smartphones but are in need of a small music player just for exercising.

So, the device itself is a great music player. It's extremely small(nano) and thus portable, yet sports a multi-touch display that is surprisingly usable despite its size. I also love the fact that you can easily change the orientation of the user interface with two fingers. Again, if you are used to using a smartphone, you are going to find the display unusably small. And the built-in clip is really useful. It's not only useful during exercises, but for everyday usage as well. You can just clip it to your pocket and take it out easily to change your song without having to dig into your pocket to take it out. Of course, you get the standard iPod features, such as Genius and Smart Playlist. These are great features that really make the experience better. You also get Podcast app, and Radio app, in which the live radios can even be paused and resumed.

The Nike+iPod app is really great as well. The attention to detail in this app is surprising. Once you set a target(distance, time), it reminds you at certain intervals to keep you going. And the pedometer seems fairly accurate and consistent no matter where you put the device. iPod nano, with its extremely small size and built-in clip, is the perfect music player for exercising.

However, one big downside of iPod nano is its durability. It is even more prone to scratches than other aluminum-made Apple products. And the display is kinda weak. My display already got a scratch! I suggest you use it carefully or get some case/cover, especially because it's so small.

Lastly, you can do something really cool with the 6th generation iPod nano that no iPod or music player can do: Using it as a watch! I bought a watch strap and transformed my iPod into the coolest and most versatile watch ever. Everyone around me said it was cool. (lol) More importantly, one iPod nano and you essentially get a dozen watches because of the different clock faces you can set. They are all professionally rendered. The battery life is good enough to use it as a watch. You can get 2 days or more without using any other feature. I have to tell you one thing, though: it's super awkward to listen to music with the device on your wrist.

Overall, iPod nano is a great ultra-portable yet full-featured music player. I am writing this review after 7th generation iPod nano has already become available, so this is the second-best ultra-portable and full-featured music player for those people who don't own a smartphone. However, for people who are looking for a dedicated music player for exercising, there is no better alternative. 6th generation iPod nano doubt a great iPod, like iPods have always been.