September 1st 2010 1:32 pm

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  • Sound quality Sounds good enough for me, as long as you aren't using those poor iPod headphones. good
  • Video quality Retina display is nice, aspect ratio lets it down. good
  • Ease of use Can't fault the whole experience. From syncing media to using iOS, it's simple. great!
  • Portability So thin and light. Really surprises me what it can do considering the size. great!
  • Battery life Battery life seems to have been good enough. Can drain fast when gaming on it tho. good
  • Media support I wish Apple and itunes supported more formats. For what it does support it's great at what it does. so-so
  • Capacity 8GB, 32GB and 64Gb configurations on offer means plenty of choice if your wallet allows. good
Detailed review
I've only recently upgraded to a fourth gen touch from the 2nd gen (8GB) model and it's been a great upgrade.

Going from the 2nd Gen's hardware to the A4 Processor, GPU upgrade and retina display was immediately apparent. iOS4 is smooth, browsing far faster and games look and play better (if they have been updated for Retina Display).

The front and rear facing cameras are a welcome addition but they aren't as good as my Nexus S's for still shots (obviously). Video recording was surprisingly good tho!

Two bad things I will say is that it is getting into the realms of being too thin for me. I do find the volume buttons difficult to use sometimes. I've bought a case for it to thicken it out a little.

The second bad thing is that it seems to not fully work in our iPod dock. My previous gen touch was fully compatible with the remote control skip forward/back buttons fully supported but the new version seems to only accept the play/pause and power buttons on our dock meaning I can't skip tracks remotely.

The fourth gen touch is a great product and I'm pleased I upgraded to it.

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I have a second generation right now, and I am thinking about buying a newer version. This helped a lot. Thanks!