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  • Sound quality Speaker is OK and works as my alarm clock it does come with earPods good
  • Video quality this is the same retina display as the iPhone 5 and it looks good and great upgrade from the previous model. good
  • Ease of use Runs iOS 6 and i feel is still the easiest mobile OS to pick up and use. great!
  • Portability you almost can't feel the device in your hands is so light and it feel really solid in your hands. great!
  • Battery life from me the battery has been great. i am getting a full work days charge out of the device. great!
  • Media support No comments great!
  • Capacity i have the 64GB model you also have a 32GB option. there is no SD card slot or any way to upgrade the storage. good
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I am upgrading from a 2 year old iPod touch and comparing that device to this new one.

This thing is crazy light its lighter than the new phone but it also feels solid in the hand. the iPhone five to me almost feel hollow the iPod on the other hand just feel firm and solid.

I use Pandora, Spotify in offline mode, Audible App and I also have music, audio book and videos on the device. depending on where I am working I don’t always have a wifi connection so having the 64GB on the device I never run out of music. when on the bus i can watch TV shows and Podcasts that I have synched to it.

the camera is amazing compared to the old the old model. this new 5 megapixel is a great upgrade and with the panorama and camera features of iOS six its much more usable then its predecessor.

Overall its a great upgrade and i think its a much more significant upgrade to the iPod touch line. if you have the old version or even an older one and looking to upgrade its really a no brainer go for it.

But now to the question my sister asked me. With the 32Gb model at $299 and the 64GB at $399 if you are in the market and able to upgrade your phone is it a better purchase than a stand alone iPod? I think for most people yes, you are better spending the money on upgrading your phone.

But for me where i prefer the stand alone device its a no brainer. Now the reason i prefer a stand alone device is because for me the iPod touch is a dedicated music and some video consumption device that i use when at work. on a good day with light meetings i will sit down at my desk plug my headset into the iPod and tune out the world for a few hours till either lunch or a meeting around. the iPod never leaves my pocket unless am changing pausing the music or switch playlist. when i used the phone for this i was finding that by end of day or even 3/4 of the way through the day the phone was dead and as the phone is my main communication device i really cant have that.

So, over all the new iPod is a great upgrade over the last model and something for those people that are looking for a dedicated media consumption device that is small and pocketable i can easily recommend buying one.