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  • Sound quality As fantastic as the iPod line is. Both in lossless and in standard m4a great!
  • Video quality I question the aspect ratio a bit. But it seems good for what it does. good
  • Ease of use iOS is generally easy and intuitive. good
  • Portability I am knocking this for being less portable than the old iPod based on screen size. Although its still very portable so-so
  • Battery life Seems good so far. Lossless audio drains it a bit faster, but you can still enjoy for hours. good
  • Media support Haven't had the need to transcode anything yet. great!
  • Capacity I have the 64GB one and have about 22GB of media. I wanted room to spare. great!
Detailed review
I love the hardware of this device. It is classy and beautiful. Although I do have a few concerns with the hardware:

1. "The loop" does not seem secure at all. I opt not to use it for this reason
2. I am paranoid that it will scratch easy. There haven't really been any cases or films to protect it yet, and until then, this thing is not going in my pocket. I keep it in a part of my bag lined with microfibre.
3. The lightning cable USB end is impossible to pull out of my computer i find haha. The connector is almost too small for my gargantuan fingers to grip. But this is a minor concern.

This iPod does exactly what I want it to do. House my music and photos and do other functions that are not as important to me. I have also maintained that iOS is not helpful towards my OCD of mobile OSes haha. For example, I don't want to see "Last import" or "Last 12 Months" under photos, yet I can't remove them. I can't hide apps like passbook or stocks, the former being pretty much useless in Canada.

For playing music and videos though, this thing is a champ. The longer screen lends itself better to seeing more songs in a playlist, or almost 16:9 widescreen video.

As always with any review of mine, I will answer any specific questions about the device. Just comment below!