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Macworld Oct 17, 2008

The Apple Keyboard is a solid offering, provided you like its MacBook-like keys and key layout. However, there are a number of other keyboards on the market... that offer better designs for touch typists.

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Tech Report Oct 14, 2009

I definitely wouldn't recommend it unless you've already tried a good chiclet keyboard and liked it. These things aren't for everybody, and since I found this device to have a lengthy learning curve ... this is the kind of keyboard you either love or hate

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dave dave

I miss the older, chunky IBM style keyboards, but this is chiclet keyboard is comfortable to use for long periods of time. My major complaint is Apple's obsession with white keyboards. They pick up grime, grease, and whatever else is on your hands like a sponge. Be aware of that!

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Turbomac Turbomac

This is the keyboard of choice on my Macs. I have 3 spare wireless ones because I like the buttons on these much better.

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floyduk floyduk

There's no question - this is a very pretty keyboard. So much so that I was lusting after one to add to my Macbook Pro for some months then finally succumbed and bought one. Oh the disappointment... It's very well made - I can't deny that. It feels very solid with rigid, rugged...

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1337 1337

So, I've been using this keyboard for almost 6 months now, and I can tell you it's worth every penny it costed me. The ergonomy is simply great on this keyboard. Silent, good looking and 2 USB-ports, that sorry enough only work with devices that have external power, like a camera...

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bbjerke bbjerke

I did not realize how comfortable typing closer to the table could be, but this probably just goes to show how if you eliminate that height standard keyboards have, then you eliminate the strain on your wrists. The keys are also very easy to hit and give a very snappy response. I do use this...

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kiteboy kiteboy

I admit, I got this keyboard because it looks good. I've been using the IBM Model M since the 80's and absolutely love the tactile feedback, the way the keys bottom-out rock solid and the lack of flex along the length of the keyboard as you bang down on the keys. The clicky sound, not...

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keypunch keypunch

As a sysadmin, I've come across quite the range of keyboards. From the sturdy old model M, to various pieces of cheap Chinese plastic that creak if you look at them sternly as well as everything in between. Currently I'm using the Apple keyboard and must say, it's the best...

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