October 23rd 2012 1:28 pm

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  • Speed and features No comments great!
  • Design and form factor No comments good
  • Expandability Had thunderbolt issues with my Pegasus R6 for the first 8 months I had it—finally resolved after Apple and Promise both issued several firmware updates. poor
  • Noise No comments great!
  • Size and weight No comments good
  • Power consumption No comments great!
Detailed review
To be honest, this is one of the worst Macs I've ever bought (and I've bought at least a dozen different Macs for personal use over the years). I had Thunderbolt issues specifically with my Pegasus R6 for the first 8 months (issues that didn't happen with first-gen-thunderbolt-Macs), and at almost the exact same time, the harddrive failed catastrophically while the machine was just sitting there idle. Naturally, Apple replaced it for free, but this mini has been totally the opposite of my recent MacBook Air experience.

At the end of the day, it's still better than any PC I've ever used, and now that it's back to full capability, it's seriously fast and useful. I have the quadcore model and added 16GB of memory; it can easily run many VMs directly from the R6 without anything breaking a sweat.