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  • Ease of use Everything seems so natural in Lion. And I'm guessing that was Apple's goal with the new update. To the new user, it may get confusing with the gestures. good
  • Speed It's generally made my computer faster, but occasionally the animations get slow. good
  • Configurability Not very customizable to the user. Very cookie cutter, but it does let you add a few sprinkles later. so-so
  • Ecosystem (apps, drivers, etc.) The Mac App Store is great, and has greatly enhanced the functionality of my Mac, but a lot of my existing apps are non-functional. good
  • Openness Especially in Lion, Apple is locking down on what you can, and cannot customize. so-so
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Lion is a great update and includes a lot of forward thinking, But it is not the "great leap" in computing that everyone was expecting. Save that for iOS 6/OSX 10.8.
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