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  • Speed and features Amazingly fast and responsive due to it's flash storage. The i5 dual-core processor and integrated graphics are surprisingly powerful. Don't believe otherwise. great!
  • Design and form factor It has Apple's famous fit and finish. The unibody aluminum is beautiful and the glass trackpad and keyboard are probably the best in the industry. great!
  • Battery life With brightness on medium and light computer work the battery usually meets Apple's quoted 7 hour mark. great!
  • Display It has the retina display which puts it the category of having the best display of any notebook. great!
  • Durability This computer feels remarkably sturdy and durable. But, I'd be careful to avoid scratches and scuffs on the aluminum unibody. great!
  • Expandability All the internals are soldered into the computer, so forget about updating. That's the price you have to pay for thinness. poor
  • Noise Haven't heard the fans at all. Even during a long gaming session. I'm quite sure they were working and the computer never got scalding hot. Speakers are superb. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) It weighs under four pounds and has footprint smaller than the Air. great!
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I'm greatly satisfied with my purchase and I am so glad that ignored all the low tech reviews. I would have ended up paying about $500 extra for the 15-inch when the 13-inch is more than enough powerful. If you're deciding between this and a 13-inch Air I'd say buy the 13-inch with Retina display. Not just for the gorgeous screen, but for the more powerful processor and additional ports such as HDMI. You won't regret it.