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  • Speed and features With the combination of the CPU, RAM, and Flash Storage my computer cold boots in around 10 seconds great!
  • Design and form factor The form factor might be stale for some but I think it just works. It just has a solid build quality great!
  • Battery life On average Im squeezing anywhere from 10-13 hours out of it with general usage. This is with the brightness around a third and no backlight on the keyboard. great!
  • Display Retina display speaks for itself even if it isn't the highest resolution on the market anymore great!
  • Durability I take very good care of my laptop so it might vary for others. The whole unibody design just makes for a solid computer great!
  • Expandability You have to be positive on the configuration you want because you can't expand it in any way after buying. I recommend 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB Storage. awful!
  • Noise I never hear the fan unless Im playing games like borderlands or Arkham City great!
  • Portability (size / weight) This is really a personal preference here. Some people prefer something ultra portable like the air, but I think 3.5 pounds is fantastic great!
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Since I wrote most of my thoughts in the categories above. I feel like for what this thing packs its actually a good value against comparable PC's. You get what you pay for. It gets me through my school days on a single charge and it does everything you would expect from a sub $1500 machine