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dwpro dwpro

Believe the hype when it comes to the new Sandy Bridge Core i5. Don't believe the negatives of the integrated HD 3000 integrated graphics by Intel. The graphics are just as good as they were before for everyday use. A true gamer is playing their heavy stuff on an xbox 360 or PS3 anyway....

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SocioFranco SocioFranco

I manage a variety of laptops for my company, I own a MacBook Pro 13" and none of the various Toshiba, HP, Lenovo or Sony comes even closer to the design, the trackpad response and screen quality of this machine. My only wish is an higher resolution screen.

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CyberBiker CyberBiker

I bought this because it runs Aperture so much faster than my old MacBook unibody 13" machine and because it has a built in SD card reader, making what I need to lug on trips less. The biggest surprise, however, was how much cooler the battery is than my last 2 macbooks, which created so...

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