by jkspn

I've been reading around for weak points on the 15 inch rMBP. One thing of most concern to me is the display glass. Do you protect your screen with something?
Well, the paranoia started when I read about Lukas Mathis' post about how his screen cracked when he closed the lid with the MagSafe on the speakers. You can read it here: http://ignorethecode.net/blog/2012/08/01/magsafe_2/
Researching more about this, I started to read how sometimes fragile the screen could be. A few-inched drop could crack the screen, something hit the screen really softly but then it cracked, etc.
I'm planning to take the plunge and get myself one of these babies and I'm now... Read more →

by loopphoto

Are you having the "image retention" issue on your Retina MacBook Pro?
I've had mine for a few months now and never really noticed it because it's mostly hooked up to 2 other monitors, so the retina display was a secondary one for me, but I was working in India for 2 months and I started to notice the "ghosting". I looked it up on the internet and it seems like a lot of people are having the same problem, and the correct term was "image retention". I can recreate the issue 1 minute, so it's quite a problem. I'm a photographer, and in my country my 2.6ghz model... Read more →

by jimlau

What resolution setting do you use?
Does the resolution scaling really scale the resolution or just the relative size of UI elements? If I show a photo on screen, I'd like that to use all the pixels in the display, not have that scaled. The highest "scaled" resolution option on the 13" is 1680x1050. I want more screen real estate than that, but I don't need to run native resolution either. My Asus 13.3" at 1920x1080 is just about right. Can I run that on a 13" MBP Retina with one of those graphics utilities out there? Thanks.

by britg

If I purchase now, will I get Mountain Lion?
Since the Retina MacBook Pros are on a 3-week shipping delay, and Mountain Lion is supposed to come out in July, do you think I can safely order right now to get the queue but also receive Mountain Lion installed on the laptop? I'm trying to avoid getting the new machine, and then having to upgrade OS shortly after.

by kernco

Is the fan really that quiet and how hot does it get?
I have the 2011 MacBook Pro, and two of my biggest complaints with it are that the fan is so loud I pretty much have to wear headphones when I watch video (which always makes it spin up), and the laptop gets very hot, even when it's barely being used. The case on the upper-left (near where the power plugs in) gets so hot it almost feels like it'll burn me if I touch it too long. And it can't actually be placed on a lap without some kind of pad.
Does the asymmetric fan in the new retina display...