by dave

Why is OS X sooooooooo slow to access SMB shares over a network?
I've mentioned this before: Last year, we've moved our entire photo library and music library onto a NAS device (a Synology DS213). Overall, the experience has been decent. It's easy enough to access over the network (and even remotely) to store files, media, and all sorts of other data.
Except when I need to access my /photos or /music folders. There are thousands and sub-directories stored in each folder (sort by dates, e.g. "2014-07-23" in photos and Artist in... Read more →

by frankspin

Apple's "We still have a lot to cover" event
Our pals over at Engadget have already made some of their own predictions (http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/21/apple-october-... for today's Apple Event, but we'd love to hear what you're thinking (or wanting) to be announced. Some of the stuff that has been hinted at and rumored leading up to today includes:
  • new iPad
  • new iPad mini
  • Availability dates for OS X Mavericks and the unique-looking Mac Pro
  • Perhaps some new Macbook Pro or Mac mini refreshes?
Given the recent amount of... Read more →

by Jingol

Which MacBook Pro is faster ? (13" Retina 2.5GHz -SSD or 13" LED 2.9GHz - HDD )
Hi every body
I have decided buy MacBook Pro
I will use MacBook for browse in Internet and sometime Photoshop
Which MacBook is faster when open 10 tab with safari and play music and edit document by office at the same time ?
MD102 or MD212 ?
MacBook Pro : MD102LL
2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i7
Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
8GB 1600MHz memory
750GB 5400-rpm hard drive
MacBook Pro : MD212LL
13-inch with Retina display
2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz
8GB 1600MHz memory
128GB flash... Read more →

by ArmpitOfDeath

Am I the only person who thinks the Retina implementation is kind of useless?
I get that it is incredibly crisp in the Retina mode - and that is not in dispute. But in terms of 'real virtual screen estate' it's only the equivalent of 1440 x 900.
But when you scale the display to "looks like 1920 x 1200" it appears actually blurrier than a 'native' 1920 x 1080 display as e.g. found on competing mobile workstations of similar price tags. And that's before we get to the overheads of driving the panel in that mode. And what it results in is, at least for me, notably more... Read more →

by TgD

Samsung has a fighter to the Apple retina display. I am excited... here is why.
Confession. Reading this engadget post/reveal made me downright giddy.
With Samsung producing LCD panels for Apple, I have always wondered why they were not doing so for themselves. There have been many theories and answers as to why, but it still didn't sit right with me. I figured that if someone was to challenge Apple in the display department, it would most likely be them.
Now I suppose I should say I have... Read more →

by ryanwood

Configured with 512GB SSD but OS is only showing 500GB
Just got my new MBP Retina display in, and boy do I love it. However, when I looked in Disk Utility, the SSD is only being reported as 500GB. Anyone else seeing this?
I know OS X Lion defines 1 GB = 1 billion bytes now (which I like), but I don't think there's anything wrong with that calculation.

by ryan

Crunching the numbers on Retina: what to expect in iMacs, MacBook Airs, and Thunderbolt monitors with Retina displays
Ready to geek out on pixel densities? Great, me too.
So when Apple announced its first computer with a Retina display, the revamped 15.4 MacBook Pro (http://gdgt.com/apple/macbook-pro/with-retina-dis... I think we all instinctively drew the conclusion that one day every Apple computer model -- like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch before them -- would have a Retina display. Seems pretty obvious, right?
Now, it's easy to assume that we'll just take the... Read more →

by ryan

MacBook Pro with Retina display infographic
I asked our design team to put together a little infographic visualizing MacBook Pro with Retina display. I absolutely love what we came up with.
Be sure to click for the full version! And feel free to link away, URLs are below (just remove the spaces)!
media. gdgt. com/etc/infographics/macbook-pro-retina-infographic.png [1.2MB]
media. gdgt. com/etc/infographics/macbook-pro-retina-infographic.jpg [800KB]
My hat's off to Aaron... Read more →

by rcartwr

Do we want "Built to Not Last"?
I recently read a post by Khoi Vinh titled "Built to Not Last" http://www.subtraction.com/2012/06/19/built-to-not... where he discussed the new Apple MacBook Pro and iFixit's complaint that the new MacBook was unfix-able in the broader context of the trend of companies such as Apple and now Microsoft building devices that are not user up-gradable or repairable, even down to battery replacement, much less memory or video upgrades. Is design trumping practicality? Andy Ihnatko may have said it... Read more →

by macfanatic88

Screen discoloration???
Any early adopters out there noticing any screen discoloration in their new shiny Retina Displays?
I got mine late last week and noticed that the bottom half of my screen has a very slight discoloration, like a yellow tint that has plagued iPhones and iPads before it. It's hard to notice just staring at a blank white screen, but scrolling through webpages you can see certain things changing colors as they move up, for example the gray box I am posting this discussion in.
I took the bad bear to... Read more →

by luc

USB 3.0 7200RPM external drive for use with Aperture
Does anyone have a recommendation on a portal external USB 3.0 drive to use to run my Aperture library from? I've just ordered the new retina display MBP with 256GB SSD & upgraded the RAM to 16GB. My Aperture library is currently over 500GB in size and need to relocate it to an external. Is anyone currently doing this? And if so, will I notice a big difference when working with 21.5+MB RAW files?

by whiskeymb

How can this be recommended?
First off, no I have not seen this in person, but I've read 3-4 reviews now and it seems the overall opinion of the reviewer is "yes, it looks great for apps that were upgraded for Retina but other apps are worse than before". How can a product that makes any existing application look WORSE be a recommended product by gdgt? I get that EVENTUALLY things will likely look good, but that's EVENTUALLY. Right now they look like crap. I really don't see how this could be a recommended product.

by sean10350

Do you think I should wait for next year's Macbook Pro with retina display?
I'm not sure if the price would go down. When the macbook air came out, it cost $1799. The 13 inch air has now dropped to $1199. Do u think the price of the mbp will drop significantly as early as the 2nd gen and maybe have a much better battery life, very importantly, bigger ssd for the base version and also would intel haswell be worth the wait ?

by Turbulance

I Have One and Older Apps Do Not Look that Awful
The reviewer is playing on the way the old and new Apps look together on the display.
This is no different to when the new iPhone 4 came out. It made the old iPhone 3GS look bad, but nothing had changed the older phone was still the same as it was. It was just that the Retina display of the new iPhone 4 had a much better screen and Apps that made use of it looked much better as well.
Put it another way. Imagine that we never went to colour TV because it would made the old black and white shows... Read more →

by mathewballard

My Decision to Buy the Old Style MacBook Pro over the Retina MBP
  1. While the display is beautiful, it is going to take some time for both apps and the web as a whole to transition to Retina quality images and graphics.
  2. The fact both the RAM and the SSD are soldered to the Motherboard. A Macbook Pro needs to allow an owner to at least replace the RAM. I hope that in future products they open it back up.

by blassster

GeForce 650M 1GB GDDR5: not enough for this resolution in certain scenarios?
I realize that this is not necessarily a gaming laptop, but I know a few gamers that are Apple-only when it comes to computers and run dual-boot to keep their addictions fed. I am just thinking that this graphics chip will not be enough horsepower in the long run for such a high resolution panel. Briefly looking at early gaming tests, it can run Diablo III at about 30 fps at the native resolution. This game only looks okay compared to modern titles, but I'm not going down that road for this... Read more →

by cass

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the least repairable laptop according to iFixit
The peeps over at iFixit have posted up their incredible teardowns of the new MacBook Pro and they've come to a conclusion that it's the least repairable laptop to date, giving it a repair score of 1/10. You can read their post and see their detailed teardown here: http://ifixit.org/2753/macbook-pro-with-retina-display-teardown/
In the post, they list a few things that Apple has done differently with the new MacBook Pro that makes it near impossible for people to do their own upgrades or repairs,... Read more →