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  • Speed and features The speed is what it should be from a high end computer. I would like three USB 3 ports. good
  • Design and form factor I love the design of this computer. It's thin but not so thin that is sacrifices a stable feel. I love the clean lines. Turns heads at meetings of Dells. great!
  • Battery life It I had to choose between it being thiner or having more battery life I want more battery life. Give me 10 hours and I will be happy as 7 is not enough. so-so
  • Display The best display I have ever seen. That is all that needs to be said. great!
  • Durability After a few months of use this computer is holding up well in my bad and working everywhere I need to work. good
  • Expandability I understand why they did it but you can't upgrade the ram but that is ok as I maxed it out to 16GB. Flash is not standard but OWC should have upgrades for me. good
  • Noise What noise? Ok when Aperture is going sometimes I hear and fans but other than that it's silent most of the time. Going back to my 17 is hard in a quiet room. good
  • Portability (size / weight) As a person that has used 17" MBPs for years moving down to 15" is an amazing weight and size savings with a display that can show as much as my old 17" MBP. great!
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This is the best laptop I have ever used.

Areas I want to see improved for the next generation is battery life, one more USB 3 port, and improved speaks as the internal one's are a step down from my old 17" at least to mine and a few friends ears.

Intel will fix my other issues with this computer when Haswell is released next year. That is the integrated graphics is a bit slow to drive this high of a resolution display. It's not bad but it does slow sometimes, especially when using three monitors. (Though I believe Apple should move to the discreet NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M when it is connected to power and detects external monitors so this could be corrected in software) Still intel 4000 graphics are a bit slow for what I need. If only NVIDIA could still make chipsets for Intel. (Intel I'm looking at you for revoking NVIDIA's ability to do this)