February 24th 2011 12:19 pm

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bbuskey bbuskey

I have only had this PC for a week but I am loving so far. It is what, as a Windows user of 16+ years, I expected from a top of the line MacBook Pro.

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GregaryG GregaryG

I have loved using this laptop for the last 4 years!!!! Hopefully squeeze another 3 years out of it. It has crashed less than 5 times in all those years, which is unbelievable. This MBP runs so fast, and admittedly hot, but is still comparable to current-gen MBP's released today. This was the...

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aveda6 aveda6

Purchased the 17inch Macbook Pro with 256 gb SSSD and Matte Screen. Huge performance difference from previous first-gen mac-air.

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captgecos captgecos

Overall, I love the Macbook Pro line. This is my 4th iteration of these laptops and I have yet to be disappointed with the quality and performance. The Apple line is expensive but, for me, I've always had better luck with the durability (3+ years). In addition, since most of my experience has...

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