October 20th 2009 12:12 pm

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Gizmodo Oct 21, 2009

The unibody construction was an inevitable upgrade to the MacBook line, and one that brings many more benefits than it does faults. There shouldn't be a drastic change in the MacBook design any time soon, so now is probably the furthest away from the next generation as you're going to get.

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CNET Oct 22, 2009

Apple's latest version of the popular $999 white MacBook gets an upscale makeover, while keeping the price the same. It's a strong alternative to the more expensive Pro line, if you can live without extras such as an SD card slot.

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cmvsabatzki cmvsabatzki

First of all, the Engadget review isn't a review, but more of a quick hands-on. It does seem as if they haven't spent a lot of time with the unit. It also seemed a little negative to me. I had my MacBook now for 4 days in constant use and no scratches or smudges at all. So this...

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dallombramatteo dallombramatteo

I bought my MacBook in December 2009. I bought the basic configuration except for the RAM (I have 4GB of memory instead of just 2GB). After more than two year it's still a great laptop. After installing OSX Lion it has lost some speed during the booting process, but once it's up, it's snappy!...

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robinashe robinashe

This is one of the more disappointing laptops I've owned. Even though it has outlasted some others, it was never enjoyable to use. There's simply no way to use it comfortably, unless you have it propped up on a stand and are using an external keyboard, but at that point you might as well get a...

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