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by kris

Halt and Catch Fire S1E10: Running up that hill
There's still no news about the fate of the show, which floundered in the ratings with this finale episode -- 574,000 viewers, down from the 1.2 million that watched the premiere. In contrast, AMC's Turn has already been renewed for a second season, but that drew 1.6 million viewers for its own action-packed season finale. Hopefully AMC will put HACF on Netflix (or another streaming service) and wait to see how it performs before making a final decision, given that... Read more →

by kris

Halt and Catch Fire S1E9: Party Rock
Here we are at the penultimate episode of Halt and Catch Fire with no clue about whether the show will be renewed. I've been enjoying it thus far (if I wasn't I probably wouldn't still be watching it or writing these posts), but how I feel about it getting canceled or renewed entirely depends on what happens in the final episode. Right now, there are a lot of balls up in... Read more →