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The first thing that you'll notice with this mouse is how flat it is. I'm actually getting used to it now, but the need for adjustment made initial use a little awkward.
It actually IS a very good mouse. My primary mouse before this was a Razer Mamba. Now, the Mamba is a good deal lighter as well as MUCH easier to push around. The larger gliding feet (but should be called rails in this case) cause for more resistance. Still, looking at how the mouse functions, this design choice has definitely helped with stability.
The right-clicking experience here reminds me of my Mighty Mouse, but you are unable to left-click while in the middle of a right-click-and-hold. This will hurt a LOT for when playing games like World of Warcraft.
The scrolling is awesome. I turned on momentum in the System Preferences pane, and I must say that it's great to have this on my Mac now. It's very useful on an iPhone, and the Mac is definitely no different in this case. 360 degree scrolling works well, too, another plus, and momentum works in any direction. It's good to note that you don't need to use only one finger to scroll, but if you keep two fingers on the top of the mouse at all times (like me) you can just start moving one of those fingers, and the mac will scroll. You can also move both fingers at the same time, and the mac will scroll.
Going forward/back in Finder and web pages works well, too. I think this is where the extra resistance provided by the gliding rails comes in. If it were way slippier, the motion required with swiping two fingers left and right would make the cursor move a ton. You don't need to swipe your fingers as dramatically as in the Apple demo videos, but you just need a little motion.
I have yet to see another mouse built like this. The metal body of the mouse gives it a very robust feel. My Razer Mamba cost way more than this mouse, and it feels like a cheap piece of crap in comparison.
I hate having to use Apple's built in mouse acceleration in the computers. I am an avid user of USB Overdrive, but using this software will remove the fancy ability to use momentum scrolling and forward/back (definitely dealbreakers). So I have to deal with Apple's acceleration algorithm (ugh).
On the gaming side of things, the mouse IS able to track quite nicely and efficiently enough to allow for quick movement and tracking in Counter Strike and World of Warcraft. However, the added resistance the gliding rails cause definitely is a "drag." The inability to right-click and left-click simultaneously will definitely screw up some gamers. It's also difficult to hold a click while picking up the mouse without accidentally invoking a scrolling motion (either by your finger sliding or your palm touching in such a way that it makes the mouse think you want to scroll).
I would say that this is a great mouse, and it will be great for most people. This now my main mouse for when I am not gaming. On that subject, this mouse is NOT good for avid gamers. It is something that can be gotten used to, but it will not work well for the most competitive of gamers.
As long as you go into the purchase knowing this, I believe that anybody who purchases this mouse will be quite satisfied and happy.

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Thank you for the "tell it like it is" review. I'm not a gamer, so the gamer part was not relevant to me but I understand if gamers bought this mouse, how bent out of shape they would be.