October 20th 2009 12:09 pm

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  • Ergonomics / comfort Extended use can lead to discomfort. poor
  • Design and form factor The sleek design looks amazing. good
  • Configurability Allows some customization, but could give you a lot more. so-so
  • Accuracy I have never had any issues with accuracy or lag. good
  • Portability Fits in pocket, for all those times when you need to move your mouse. great!
Detailed review
For my day to day projects I love this mouse. The multi-touch gestures are amazing; I love being able to go back and forward in my browser with a flick of my finger. The scrolling feels natural and the mouse is rather comfortable. But these only apply to day to day projects.
This is probably the worst mouse to use when you're playing a video game. Video games require your hand to be on the mouse for long periods of time. The sleek design of the mouse reduces support for the mid section of your palm. This combination ended up tiring out my hand and causing an obnoxious pain. The multi-touch gestures that I loved so much in day to day projects ended up acting like a hemorrhoid in video game play. Somehow I'd always inadvertently hit the "scroll wheel" which would have some dizzying effects from random weapon selection to modifying my zoom.

There are two other minor areas of concern, battery life and dirt. But most of my complaints can be found in other gdgt discussions.
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