July 9th 2009 1:53 am

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Genghis7777 Genghis7777

The Apple Newton Emate brought a physical keyboard to the Apple Newton. Today, it can be picked up for less than USD 50 on eBay. Compared to today's netbooks and laptops it seems feature light and underpowered but what differentiates it is the Newton OS which provides a user interface...

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albooher albooher

I have no practical experience with the eMate, but I think it is fun to look at and it only cost me $20 so I felt it needed to be added to my collection solely on it's looks

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jeroenvdputten jeroenvdputten

A blast from the past! Really enjoyed working with this device. At the time it compared functionality with a hand-held device a PALM, but with then with a full keyboard, and great battery life.

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