by falleninsea

will we see a "One more thing" tomorrow and if so what do you think it will be?
I think one of the things every one wants or least hopes for at an apple keynote is the “One more thing”. Do you think we will see one more thing tomorrow and if so what do you think or hope it will be? With the rumors going around about the short stock the time capsule and Airports I wonder if they will be the one more thing. One of the rumors out there is that “iCloud” will really replace the iTunes on your machine. If that’s true and they really go the mode of the over the air for... Read more →

by lard

Out of Space on my Time Capsule, What Should I Do Now?
I have an iMac 27, Macbook, and Macbook Pro that are all backuped by a 1TB Time Capsule (via Time Machine, of course). The 'ole Time Capsule is almost full. What should I do now? I was thinking about connecting a Drobo/Drobo S to the Time Capsule with the hopes of adding more storage space for the Time Machine backups but the initial research that I've done doesn't indicate this would be a reliable setup. Ideally, I'd like one device to backup all the computers as opposed to each...

by DandamanV

Is it the only one of its kind?
Hey again gdgt-eers! I want to know whether there is another company that makes combo NAS + Wireless Routers (a/b/g/n) in 2TB. I would like to buy a 2TB, NAS wireless router for my family (I'm the resident "tech guy") but I don't want to have to pay $650AUD. Does WD, Seagate, D-Link or Belkin make a combo NAS Wireless Router in a/b/g/n that is cheaper than an Apple Time Capsule? If not, what other companies? Or is Apple the pioneer in this situation...

by ajsfuxor

Need alternative to Time Capsule Backup
Hey guys, I have a Time Capsule, and LOVE the backup capabilities. I have noticed a major flaw in the backup process. The other day my NVIDIA graphics card blew the logic board, and my computer was out of action for a couple of days while being repaired at the Genius Apple Bar.. Knowing all my work was backed up on Time Capsule, I soon realised that I could not access it without a new computer to restore it to. As far as I know Time Capsule backs up into a single file, but not a file that you... Read more →

by humedini

Using Time Capsule with OSX Server ?
I am considering purchasing a MacMini to use as a home media server / backup server for my MacBook Pro. I would also like to get a Time Capsule and use that as an extra level of security on top of the Mini. Does anyone know if it is possible to use the Time Capsule to backup an OSX Server machine? Does it need any hacking or does it just work?