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The Good: The Time Capsule simply worked. I had long struggled to find a wireless router that was both fast and easy to use. That's why I was so pleased with my first (and only) 18 months using my 1TB Time Capsule. I encountered none of the intermittent signal problems I had experienced with Netgear and Linksys routers in the past. I never needed to reset the Time Capsule to resolve unknown issues. And the transfer speeds were some of the fastest I had experienced in a wireless setup.

The Bad: The Time Capsule simply failed. From what I gather, the poor design choice of having the power adapter inside rather than outside the enclosure (in brick form like virtually every other device including Apple's Airport Extreme) caused the unit to run at unsustainably high temps that eventually fried the power supply. I had noticed that the unit ran very hot to the touch (like the Apple TV), so I tried various methods of temperature control (setting it on a wire rack in a well ventilated area of the room, etc.), but it seems this was not enough to avoid the fairly widespread 18-month death spiral being experienced by other Time Capsule owners.