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  • Ease of use With Mac OS X configuring it is a breeze. Select drive and you're set. great!
  • Speed / throughput No speed issues though the drive needs to be activated. You can hear it spin up. good
  • Configurability / networking features Lots of options to configure but only through the application. No webaccess is a bummer. so-so
  • Reliability Have it for more than a year and still going strong. great!
  • Range Good range and speed. Activated the 5Ghz band though to take full advantage of iPhone, ATV and MacBook Pro's N-adapters great!
  • Durability No comments
Detailed review
Very good and easy to use backup system. Reccommend it to anyone just for the sake of backing up your system. There are reports and sites dedicated to the flimsiness and crappyness of Time Capsules but I've yet to see one crash.