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by speedgeek

What's the best computer manufacturer?
A few years ago you guys had this great story about long term warranties for computer makers, and as a computer technician I've used it to make my case as to which manufacturer my clients should go with. It has been a few years and I'm sure things have changed a little. It would be great to see an update on these statistics.

by gadgetx2

Can I upgrade the power supply on this desktop? - Asus Essentio CH5275-AR003
I am looking to upgrade the video card with a GeForce 9800 card but it requires a PSU of at least 550 watts. If I purchase a new PSU that holds 550 watts, will I be able to install it on this desktop? Will I have to remove the old one and install the new one? How does it work? Also, will I have to remove the old video card to replace it with a new one? Not sure with this specific desktop. Any help is greatly appreciated.

by TgD

Original Transformer (TF101) Owners: Are you happy with the ICS update?
The original ICS update for the Asus Transformer started rolling out almost 2 months ago. It was met with users reporting device reboot loops, poor battery performance, and app crashes.
Asus has since released a software update (March 13th - version to try and combat these problems.
Some users are reporting that the initial problems are still present, some are reporting it has been fixed.
Given the last month to consider, how have you found the update to be? Was it a big jump from...

by joesanddy

Alienware AM14X 6667BK Vs Asus G53SX-XA1 which better ?
I want to have a new good gaming laptop. So, I make my personal research about the best gaming laptop that I can get with my limited budget. and I just read at
about Alienware Am14x vs Asus G53SX-XA1 hardware comparison, I know both laptop is good, but I want the best that I can get with my money. Are that comparison accurate ?

by foxmental

Can anyone help me find a laptop with these specs?
I'm looking for a laptop. But here's what I'm looking for:
These are a must:
at least 1 USB 3.0 port but must have at least 2 usb ports
An HDMI port (In and out if possible
touch screen (possibly a convertible laptop) and a camera (for video chat. i don't plan on sing this for photography. it looks stupid)
Can't be over 14 in in width, High-Res Display.
Optical drive not necessary. looking for a thin laptop.
Core i5 or i7 cpu, max out ram at 8 GB (can't sit pretty t 4 gb or ram)
1 gb... Read more →

by kristaescobar

What is the best tablet to use for PowerPoint presentations?
[I would prefer an Android-based tablet since I'm already familiar with that platform.]

By "best tablet" I mean, which is the most reliable and intuitive device for running PowerPoint? What about connecting the tablet to a projector? Do they all have mini HDMI? Of course I wouldn't be designing the presentations on the tablet, simply running them.

Thoughts? Any help is appreciated!