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by TgD

My Nexus 7 was stolen, pretty sure I am SOL. Next steps?
Hey all,
So my girlfriend called me bawling this morning because it seems that someone stole my nexus 7 she was borrowing for a few days.
I am fairly confident its long gone, but I want to make sure I am secure, as my e-mail and stuff was logged in.
So how should I protect myself? I am rooting through my Google Account security page to revoke access to my email. I use 2 factor authentication whenever possible so I am reasonably safe. Anything else I should remember to do?
I guess I'll wait for the...

by zerohalo

I have a Macbook Air 13", what would I use a Nexus 7 for?
I've been looking at tablets for a while, and the Nexus 7 is the first tablet I'm seriously considering. I've asked questions of the gdgt community regarding productivity apps, and it certainly sounds like I could get some actual work done on the nexus as well as using it as a consumption device.
But in a world where I have a computer that can fit in a manilla envelope, is it overkill to also own a tablet? Partly I'm curious just about what I can do with Android, and maybe that's enough, but I...

by scc4fun

How do I take a screenshot on the Nexus 7 after updating to 4.2.1?
This is my first Android device and I searched for answers and everything (including Google's nexus website) said to press volume down and the sleep/power button at the same time. I have tried this many times and have yet to see anything appear in the Gallery app.

by refractured

How Long Does it Take You to Charge your Nexus 7?
Obviously this depends on your use, settings, etc. But how long and how often are you needing to charge your Nexus 7?
I'm finding that, with the display set to "auto brightness" and WIFI on, that I get a day, day.5 max. Then it seems to take about 3 hours to charge from about 15% battery left.
So far the battery is my biggest disappointment with the Nexus 7. I also shouldn't have to micro-manage settings for optimal battery life. But I'm mostly concerned about the length of time it takes to get a...

by sina1992

Buy Nexus7 in Canada with lowest price
Hi everybody,
One of my friends will come from Canada. I want to order him a google nexus7 16GB. The staples.ca didn't list this device. They listed 32GB with price: $270.
I mailed them to know, but they didn't answer yet and also they dont have a chat feature.
Is there anybody who lives in Toronto, Ontario and knows how to buy nexus7 16GB for $210?
Thanks everybody.
Best regards,

by sina1992

Buy nexus7 only 200$
I'm from Iran.I checked some countries for example India,Germany,UAE,Malaysia...every country sells nexus7 more than 300$.Except USA which countries sell nexus7 16Gb only 200$?and wich stores?Is there anybody have any information about it?And know a website?

by baileylo

Are iPods over priced?
$299 seems a little over the top when compared with what other gadgets and gizmos can be purchased in that price range.

If somebody asked me, "Hey Logan, you can have an iPod Touch or a Nexus 7 and $60. What do you want?". I'd say Nexus 7 and the cash every single time.

Even if they're not over priced; who exactly is buying these?

by JasonTsay

Benefits of Rooting a Nexus?
In the past, I rooted all the Android phones I've owned in order to flash CyanogenMod for a more "stock" experience and to overclock less capable hardware. I just bought the Nexus 4 today and was wondering if there were any significant advantages to rooting an already high performing device with stock Android. I'm not really looking to put on any themes or fancy customization of that sort, although a numeric battery indicator would be nice. If you're a Nexus owner, why do you root your device...

by Trillions

Can anyone tell me if the Nexus 4 is compatible with Beats by Dre headphones?
I know for some phones (such as my beloved BlackBerry 9780), the 3.5mm headphone jack is shaped in such a way that does not allow the Beats by Dre headphone port to fully connect into it...I'm wondering if my headphones will work with this phone or not, basically.

by groovechicken

Anyone else with busted glass on their Nexus 7 yet?
I carry mine in my cargo pocket on the side of my leg. Yesterday afternoon, when I picked the Nexus up from my desk, I noticed the screen had a crack. I thought through the day and can't remember a single time when my pocket bumped up against anything for the 2 hours I had it in the pocket.
So, is it really that fragile, or did I really hit it on something? The worst part is that the digitizer no longer works at the upper 1/4" of the screen, so I have to keep flipping it 180 degrees when I need... Read more →