August 28th 2012 8:06 am

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  • Picture quality Image quality is stunning, colors pop and the resolution is amazing. great!
  • Design and form factor Sleek and simple, built in speakers are hidden out of the way. great!
  • Inputs No USB support. good
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I use a Thunderbolt display at work and wanted to get one for home use but couldn't bring myself to buy a monitor with only one input. This panel, to me, looks just as good if not better. I'm using a mini displayport to displayport cable with 2 MacBook Airs, one with Thunderbolt and another with only mini displayport. I was hoping that the audio would also work through the adapter cable but currently it's not, OS X complains that the "selected device has no output controls". I haven't debugged the issue fully but it's not a huge deal as ASUS included an audio cable that does the job. Still it would have been nice if the audio worked. If USB support was also included it would have been a 10/10. So far this has been an amazing purchase.
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I'm trying to connect via Dual DVI-D adapter, but im not getting any resolution over 1080p. I tried reseting the PRAM, but that didn't help. Was the display port working from the beginning or did you have to do anything else?

It just works, no tweaks needed. With thunderbolt and mini displayport enabled Macs both running OS X 10.8. I can try 10.7 if you are interested.

i connected via displayport adapter. everything is working fine, including sound

Interesting, what cable are you using?

I'm using this 3 in 1 converter. For £8 (price+post) it does a hell of a job. From what i've read it can support 1440p over the DVI-Dual link but I havent tried it­/itm­/270814215928­?ssPageName­=STRK:ME...