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Gamers looking for an affordable 4K solution might find something to like in the PB287Q, but non-gamers may be disappointed by its compromises.

The PB287Q looks fine out of the box, with Eurogamer calling it "sleek-looking" and "very sturdy despite some mild creaking." The monitor even has "a full complement of position adjustments," according to Tom's Hardware, though Trusted Reviews says they're a "little dubious as to how useful" the pivot options are "in a TN-based monitor." Eurogamer notes the PB287Q comes with "two HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2 for 4k resolution," but gamers with older equipment may be disappointed that "all legacy connectors (DVI and VGA) have been dropped entirely and as such there's no analogue support."

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PC Mag May 27, 2014

The Asus PB287Q is a reasonably priced 28-inch Ultra High-Definition monitor that delivers stunning 4K imagery and handles fast motion with aplomb.

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Tom's Hardware May 27, 2014

If your gaming rig is well-equipped for high resolutions, but you can't fathom doubling its price (or more) with a first-gen 4K monitor, Asus' new PB287Q has to be looking tantalizing right about now. Really, it represents a new reason to get excited about Ultra HD.

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Macworld May 27, 2014

If you absolutely need an Ultra HD display to view large images or to work on 4K video, the Asus PB287Q is an affordable, serviceable option.

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Eurogamer Jul 5, 2014

The 28-inch size makes for an overbearing desktop monitor, but makes for a well-sized entertainment centric display positioned in a small room for PC, console gaming and multimedia use.

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TrustedReviews May 27, 2014

If you need a 4K gaming monitor then we recommend the Asus PB287Q. It delivers exactly what you need at a reasonable price, and has a flicker-free backlight. For everyone else, however, we'd recommend waiting a little longer.

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PC Gamer Jun 17, 2014

As an upgrade from pretty much any 1080p panel this PB287Q would make an excellent option, especially for the money they're asking for it, just make sure you've got the space on your desktop before taking the plunge.

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