October 14th 2011 8:49 am

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  • Ease of use Setting up is pretty painless - the wizard which had a ton of menus seemed pretty robust and made setup a breeze before I got the advanced menus. good
  • Speed / throughput Weather I was connected at 2.4GHz or 5GHz throughput was amazing. 5GHz connected quickly and gave max throughput. great!
  • Configurability / networking features Touching on the wizard again, it hit all the big items in a pretty detailed walk-through. A lot of features to configure after the wizard is done though. good
  • Reliability So far I have had no complaints with relability and connection to the unit. Streaming to all units in my house has been fast and reliable. good
  • Range I noticed a huge difference in range on all my devices. great!
  • Durability The unit has some heft to it which is nice. It feels extremely solid. good
Detailed review
I was impressed initially with the device as it looks good, and has some weight to the unit. Overall the unit felt very solid compared to all the other routers I have used in the past. I am extremely pleased with the overall speed of the unit not only through wireless but also through the LAN connection as I have a NAS unit I transfer large files too and from. This unit has a ton of features which I probably won't end up using. P2P client built in, DLNA media server but the coolest is the "3G Backup Mode". Basically if you have a 3G aircard from Verizon, AT&T, etc. you can plug it into the USB and use that as your internet connection. A very cool feature that will find a niche crowd. This unit has a dual-band 2.4GHz / 5GHz radios which is nice for allowing you to connect to the 5GHz spectrum that has way less traffic and interference. I noticed a huge difference moving my AppleTV's to 5GHz made my streaming start instantly which it would take some time to buffer before and I would drop signal and disconnect the unit. Overall I am extremely pleased with this device and the range and signal strength it has.