October 14th 2011 8:49 am

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  • Ease of use Some of the directions and descriptions on the administration page were not very clear so I had to make an educated guess. good
  • Speed / throughput Blistering fast on all bands with wireless-N. Greater throughput at farther distances compared to my previous router great!
  • Configurability / networking features So much to do with this router, it took me an hour to configure it because there was so much to look at and tweak! great!
  • Reliability Haven't had an issue, yet. Granted it has only been a month but my previous router would have hiccuped by now at least once. great!
  • Range Nothing like getting a signal from the street three floors below! great!
  • Durability I feel like it could be a bit sturdier but it lays flat so it's not a big deal. good
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