by DanCooper

How would you change ASUS’ Transformer Book TX300?
Dana Wollman is so well known as Engadget’s in-house laptop expert that, during Q&A sessions on the Engadget Podcast, people would call her “Laptop Lady.” Points off for not learning her name, but the honorific still stands to this day, and her opinion on all things portable is one of the most revered in the business. When we placed ASUS’ Transformer Book TX300 on her desk (before running away to... Read more →

by marc

Asus, others, try to reinvent tablets at Computex 2012
We knew Computex 2012 was going to bring a wave of new tablets, including some based on Windows 8. What we didn't know was how creative some manufacturers would get with their new offerings. Asus, for one, is showing off a range of new devices, including some category-defying prototypes, and Viewsonic has presented what is either the world's largest Android tablet, or the most conflicted desktop display (or is it an all-in-one PC?). Some of the highlights:
Asus Transformer Book -... Read more →