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by marc

Is it time to consider buying a Chromebook?
When the first Chromebooks came out, they were overpriced, and ran an early version of Google's Chrome OS that was almost useless without an internet connection. However, Chrome has improved dramatically, and now allows offline access to locally stored documents and media files. More significantly, hardware prices have dropped dramatically. Samsung's recently released Chromebook sells for just $249, includes USB 3.0 and HDMI ports, and... Read more →

by groovechicken

Windows 8 and the Myth of the All-Purpose Device
With the release of Windows 8 and its ecosystem of hardware near at hand, I have been thinking about the ancient (in technology years) myth of the all-purpose device. This myth is one every geek knows and dreams of. The idea of having a single device that you carry around that can meet all of the technology needs you have is one that has captured the imagination since the days of the first "portable" computers. For geeks everywhere, though, it is ultimately a dream that leaves us depressed and... Read more →

by marc

Do you want a keyboard with that tablet?
There are lots of keyboards available for tablets, ranging from Bluetooth keyboard cases for iPads to specialized docks like the ones ASUS offers for its Transformer line. But few tablets actually ship with a keyboard, since most are designed to be used primarily with their touchscreens, and keyboards are generally considered aftermarket products designed for a small subset of the user base.
But longtime second-tier... Read more →

by ankits

Buying first Android Tablet. Confused. Need help.
Have figured out that I would want to go for an Android one.

Have shortlisted,
  • Asus Infinity TF700,
  • Sony Tablet S,
  • Samsung Tab 2 10.1 / Note 10.1.
TF700 is high on the price. Samsung is low on battery. Sony's specs are all fine but is it worthy enough?
1280x800 is not bad for me. WIFI is good enough.
My usage would be high on Video (long usage) and Internet (multi-apps).
Am not sure which one to go for.
Can anyone please guide ?

by sawilson

The TF700T appears to be the best tablet in the world at the moment (for now).
These are initial impressions. I've barely had the tablet 6 hours. I'm going to need at least a week with this tablet before I can be completely objective in a review, but these are my initial thoughts: 1) Don't believe your TF201 dock won't work. It works flawlessly with mine. 2) For some reason my 64GB Sandisk MicroSD card formatted with NTFS is not recognized by the tablet, but it works perfectly fine in the tablet dock. 3) Yes, the screen is better, but it's only just barely perceptible.... Read more →

by BurntToast

Keyboard Dock:
So the gdgt review says that the Transformer Prime dock can be used for the 700 but the official specs page for the 700 on ASUS's website says this: "The Transformer Pad Infinity mobile dock is compatible with the Eee Pad Transformer Prime. (The Eee Pad Transformer Prime mobile dock is NOT compatible with the Transformer Pad Infinity."

So sad. :(

by groovechicken

Will ASUS ever release a 7" Transformer?
When I saw the "700" on the end of the product name, I got all excited for a moment until I realized that this is just another 10" tablet. Am I the only one who really wants a 7" version of this concept? The first company that ends up releasing one is probably going to push me over my "impulse buy limit." I would love it even more if it had a stylus. So, yeah, I think a Galaxy Note 7" with laptop-style dock would be the perfect device for me. Sigh.