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TheVivoBook X202 is one of the least expensive Windows 8 touchscreen laptops currently available, and the compromises made to keep its price down show in its performance, battery life, and overall build quality. PC Mag says the X202 offers "mediocre performance," but is "cheap and usable, if not as portable and powerful as leading systems." Liliputing says that it's a "pretty decent laptop" for its price, though "the touchscreen wobbles, the touchpad isn’t quite as reliable as it could be, and the notebook doesn’t exactly offer all-day battery life." Liliputing's advice: If you "don't go expecting too much," it could be worth considering.

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PC Mag Jan 24, 2013

The Asus VivoBook X202E-DH31T budget ultraportable is an affordable alternative to touch ultrabooks, but takes some hits in performance and battery life.

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CNET Jan 24, 2013

It's great to see more touch-screen Windows 8 laptops under $600, but note that the Asus X202E requires some compromises in performance and battery life.

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PC World Feb 6, 2013

Since there aren’t a ton of ultraportable options at this price point, the VivoBook does have a niche to fill. So, if you’re looking for a notebook that you can pop into your purse—and you definitely don’t want a tablet—the VivoBook might be worth a look.

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CNET Asia Dec 21, 2012

Good-looking and sporting all the connectors you'll need, the Asus VivoBook is also one of the most affordable touch-capable Windows 8 laptop in the market.

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TechRadar Nov 9, 2012

The Asus VivoBook S200 is a brilliant little laptop which offers supreme good looks, slick performance and excellent portability, and all for a highly agreeable price.

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Liliputing Dec 25, 2012

...if you’re looking for an inexpensive (and portable) Windows 8 notebook with a touchscreen, the Asus VivoBook X202E may be one of the best options around. ... Just don’t go expecting too much from a notebook in this price range.

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PC Pro Nov 9, 2012

Despite its flaws, though, we really like this laptop. Asus' VivoBook S200E is compact, attractive and cheap, a combination Ultrabooks have so far abjectly failed to deliver.

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Digital Versus Apr 12, 2013

Inside the VivoBook X202E's pleasing exterior with its varied connectivity hides a computer with too low processing power to compete with ultrabooks and other laptops that carry an Intel Core i3. The X202E is more comparable to a netbook with a small battery and a mediocre display.

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stephers stephers

I really wanted a touch screen notebook and was going to spend over $1000 for one, then I found the ASUS at Best Buy on black Friday. It has everything that I need and I'm constantly finding fun new features!

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This notebook PC is extremely satisfying. It's my dad's, actually, and he's enjoying every minute of usage. Almost everything with this computer is great: the design, the display, the expandability, the portability, the noise (or rather lack there of), the keyboard and trackpad, and maybe most...

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wkgdgt wkgdgt

I wanted a new notebook to replace my aging Dell Inspiron 11z ( mostly because of the 2GB memory limitation this one slot DDR2 notebook has ). I know that with Windows 8 announced, I want a touch enabled notebook or tablet. There is an Acer W510 and Samsung ATIV in the market but all of them come...

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clindhartsen clindhartsen

Context of purchase: I've been searching for a budget machine I could use for schoolwork to supplement the desktop I use at home, as well as other machines I get the opportunity to use. I found the X202E on special at the Microsoft Store for just under 400 bucks with Office 365 University...

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Unclebud Unclebud

Staples sent a $150 off coupon good for 2 days which was too good of a deal to ignore ($399). I am delighted with the Asus Q200E. Touch screen is very responsive although at a resolution of 1366x 768. 11.6 inch screen is a big enough to use with a touch screen. Horizontal viewing angles could be...

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