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First Looks

product preview
CNET Jan 6, 2014

As the biggest handset of the trio, I found this 'phablet' to be too wide and unwieldy; operating it with just my thumb was out of the question. However, it's understandable that someone with bigger hands than mine will find the 6 more comfortable.

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product preview
TrustedReviews Jan 7, 2014

As with any 6-inch phone, the Asus Zenfone 6 comes into some slight handling problems thanks to its size. We imagine many of you would be better off with a Zenfone 5. However, if it's priced right in the UK this will be easily the cheapest 6-inch phone from a known brand.

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product preview
Android Authority Jan 8, 2014

On Monday Asus took to the stage to unveil quite a few new products, including three new budget devices going by the new ZenFone brand name. The largest of these Intel-powered devices is the ZenFone 6, a 6-inch handset with a starting price of just $199.

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product preview
phoneArena Jan 6, 2014

In all, Asus seems to be counting on extra sales of accessories in order to spice up what are likely some pretty low profit margins.

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product preview
GSM Arena Jan 7, 2014

The Zenfone 6 is basically an enlarged Zenfone 5 and the only differences are the bigger screen estate (though at the same 720p resolution), and the higher-resolution 13MP camera sensor. The design is exactly the same, so is the controls placement.

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kalsonchan kalsonchan

Got the preview unit and been using it for about a month. The overall experience has been good. Can get a little hot while using mobile data and viewing colourful stuff at the same time. The battery is lasting and the sound is okay. I haven't really experience any lag so far and throughout the...

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sodiko sodiko

I have read a review from gadgetbaru.com and I sure to try buy this phone. And WOW, its performance is very COOL!! But, the display is too large :D overall, nice phone. I LOVE PIXELMASTER!!!

video review
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margaisabel margaisabel

I am totally satisfied with this phone. I highly recommend this phone. The battery lasts a whole day with a 24 hour use of the data.

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