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by jimmym94

Portable Headphones Bose AE2i vs B&W P3
Hi, i narrowed down my portable headphones search to two headphones: B&W p3 and Bose AE2i
I Don't want a lot of sound leakage as i use it around people in silent places, and i want a CLEAR CRISP sound with defined base and treble over most frequencies. ! one of the reason i chose these is i also don't want a very big headphones.

by swin1974

Great, In Ear, Sound Isolating, Headphones for iPhone?
After 4 years of every day use, my Shure EC 102, In Ear. Noise Cancelling headphones are finally on the fritz.
I like, that they go deep in my ear, and that the cable goes over the back of my ear, and that they cancel unwanted noise pretty well, and are extremely comfy, (10 hour flight, recently, no problem), and they work with my iPhone..
I don't want, big, over the ear, late night radio talk show host, headphones, cos they make my ears hot. (my wife has a great pair of Sennheisers, I've... Read more →

by cjtylr

Best in-ear headphones?
Hey guys,

I recently misplaced my Apple In-Ear Headphones, which honestly didn't thrill me too much, so I don't mind. At any rate, as you might be able to tell by the title, I'm looking for your opinions on the best In-Ear headphones.

Noise canceling is okay.


by geoffcritt

Cord replacement
Just wanted to let everyone know that if your cord is damaged, go to your nearest Bose retailer and get it replaced. In my initial review of these on gdgt, I mentioned that I thought the cord was a bit flimsy. After using these for about five months, the mini-jack end separated from the rubber shielding and exposed the wire. The next day I went to the Bose store, and they immediately replaced it with a new one - no questions asked. I think Bose must have realized just how flimsy the original... Read more →

by Archr5

When the headphone jack shorts out. Here's your fix.
Go to Radio Shack, Buy a Gold Series Stereo Audio 1/8" Plug for $3.99. Avoid any plug that says "phone" plug on it. The clerk will probably tell you it'll work but it won't. I actually had one clerk tell me that it was identical and the company just put the "phone" label on it to confuse people... yeah. Anyway, I put this in my review of the product and figured someone might check the support section for repair info too. Super easy repair. Snip off the cable end... Read more →

by gbrl

Clicking noise with Mobile Adapter (mic cable) and iPhone 3GS
Hi, I have an iPhone 3GS and the Bose on-ear headphones with the mobile adapter that sports a mic. Previously i used them with a nokia phone and i had no problems, but with my iPhone who calls me hears a constant clickclickclick coming from the mic. I also tried to open Voice Memos app and to record it and effectively there is this strange click (about 2 per second). Any suggestion for solving it?