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blainegeneral blainegeneral

I have owned these headphones since 2007. They have provided me countless hours of enjoyable isolated listening. I have taken them on numerous airline trips to England, Hawaii, California, and the the Eastern seaboard of the US. The Power: COMFORT, I usually wear these headphones for 3-4...

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dan325013 dan325013

I had these headphones for about four or five months before the wire connecting to the left earphone came lose and in turn would no longer play noise. Before that they produced great sound quality and I couldn't complain about them. I thought I may have been too hard on the headphones, but...

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fabs fabs

If you are looking for an every day headphone, and when I say every day, I mean you wear them daily, don't waste your money. After about 4 months of daily use, both earpieces began to crack where they attach to the head loop. Some epoxy fixed this problem, but they will never swivel again....

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ArmpitOfDeath ArmpitOfDeath

I think the question that gets asked most among Headphone-philes when I mention I have both the Triport AE and the Sennheiser Orpheus, is 'Why?'. Why own one of the most panned headphone brands by enthusiasts, when I also have their Holy Grail? Obviously a quick trawl around the...

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jeffwongdesign jeffwongdesign

After wearing them for 2 years, they still work great. They're not the most comfortable headphones, and the cord is pretty cheap, but it's a good value. I recommend it as a daily pair of headphones for listening to a variety of music. Treble, mids, and bass are great.

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jaime jaime

The good: You really should consider listening to your tunes with these and forget about your "normal" earbud headphones. You will not need to adjust any equalization settings and you will notice that you've not been hearing many of the songs details. Not too expensive and...

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hoosier hoosier

To start off, when you buy Bose you should know what you are getting: amazing sound quality with amped up lows. I personally have love the distinct Bose sound, but it may not be for everyone, so make sure you run by an electronics store and wrap these puppies around your ears before you buy them...

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Constantinb Constantinb

Really good headphones for listening to everything just they are very fragile and cannot handle day to day use and eventually the cable will tear. Happened twice once right by one of the ear cups and once by the aux (input) connector.

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DantheMan DantheMan

I got these as a gift and while I'm not a super big fan of the Bose brand and wouldn't pay MSRP for these, they have served me well for 4 years now. I listen to a lot of EDM and classic rock and for that these serve me well. Great mid-range. Bass is exhilarating without being overwhelming like a...

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adammachin adammachin

i've had these headphones for three years and they are truly amazing, nothing to report as wrong with them. Never had an issue with them, always fantastic sound! the bass the headphones provide is outstanding. The midrange is great and the high range is also fantastic. The sound is...

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