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Expert Reviews Apr 18, 2007

The Companion 3 sounded better when listening to more laid-back music, but the FX4021, with its more spacious top-end, was more flattering for rock, pop and dance music.

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leigh leigh

I got these speakers because I really wanted something that could play music that sounded good without giving into my not-so-inner audiophile appetite. For the past few years I've had the MacMini and PS3 piped through these and beyond an occasional issue of loss of midrange during movies/TV...

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mike24mcse mike24mcse

I setup this system in my home office to power my laptop and TV cable. Works great, even at low volumes. I know Bose discontinued these in favor of the smaller speakers without the subwoofer but I love the subwoofer when I turn it up. I only wish the speakers had a remote to them. The...

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